Allwest has the experience and the technology to provide you with an outstanding video conference experience.

Video Conferencing at our Office

Our Video Conferencing suite offers a superior video conference experience.  Our Lifesize SIP conferencing systems feature full HD PTZ cameras, multiple endpoints  and screen sharing.   Combined with Allwest's blazing fast fibre optic internet, private board rooms and helpful staff, we offer video conferencing  that is second to none.  

Tired of having to book a video conference room outside of your office?  Video conferencing equipment too expensive of a investment for occasional use?  Allwest can now bring high-end video conferencing directly to your office.

Our portable system features the full IP conferencing experience, with multi-position PTZ HD camera and shared screen option.  We can even provide an UHD monitors or UHD projectors as needed.  Contact us for more information.

Video Conferencing, Brought to You

Skype/Facetime: Simple peer-to-peer video calls using installed app.    Intended for casual use.  More likely to have video and audio issues on this platform.  Highly suggested one party wears earphones/headphones.

GoToMeeting:  More advanced software based video conferencing.  Has more conferencing options than Skype-style apps, often requires one party to wear headphones for best experience.

SIP Videoconferencing: Professional level video conferencing featuring the ability to conference with multiple parties.  Software applications allow parties to connect via desktop computers, phones and tablets.  PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras to capture entire room.  Allows for shared screen to view documents.  Advance software prevents echos and video issues.

Types of Video Conferencing

What Makes Our Video Conferencing Better?

Internet Connection: Internet speed is vital to conducting video conferencing.  Our fibre optic internet offers speeds in excess of 500mbps upload and download, which means no lag or slowdowns.    

Connectivity: Our staff have experience using a wide variety of conferencing software and hardware, from IP systems to software bases systems such as Skype.  

Equipment:  Allwest used high quality equipment for all video conferncing.  Be it laptops with HD cameras, 4K montiors, professional grade headphones.  

Experience:  Our experienced staff have been providing video conferencing to a wide variety of clients.  From simple Skype discoveries to full video integration for public hearings, we have you covered.  

Portability:  We can now bring our high-quality video conferencing to your office. Call us for more details: 604-683-4774.

Video Conferencing